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From WTTG Fox 5 Washington, DC February 24, 2009:
Krewe of Bike-us Rolls on for Mardi Gras
Two Wheels Better Than One for Krewe of Bike-us

NEW ORLEANS, La. - It is 7 a.m. in the morning and the Krewe of Bike-us assembles in mid-city in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Their bicycles serve as their floats and their way to get around barricades set up to curtail traffic on the streets of New Orleans. Bloody Marys, vodka cranberries and screwdrivers are part of the breakfast buffet of fun at Pal’s Lounge, a neighborhood institution owned in part by the son of Oscar winner Helen Miren.

While most Mardi Gras krewes roll thru the streets of New Orleans, this is no ordinary parade. The pedal-powered members are one of numerous unsanctioned parade organizations that add to the beauty and local color of Mardi Gras. The group got its start in 2002 when a group of avid bicyclists discovered that two wheels are better than one when it comes to the jam-packed streets of Fat Tuesday.

The group formed as an efficient way to get around during the day. They thank the scarcity of parking spots along routes for its conception.

“People see the dozens of members in costumes rolling down the street and they assume it’s a real parade and start cheering and yelling for beads,” says Krewe of Bikeus founder [sic - not really] Rob Savoy.

Each year the group of friends and friends of friends-- including FOX 5’s Roby Chavez-- gather in the Faubourg St. John area and cycle along a ceremonial path Uptown to catch the Zulu parade before making their way to the French Quarter for the rest of the day. The group has grown into one of the most recognized unrecognized groups of Mardi Gras.

This year the group has assembled again with their royal leadership. King Idol and Queen White Wedding will lead the odd troupe on their journey for the Krewe of Bike-us 2009. In addition to the coronation ceremony and unplanned antics this morning, other highlights include the wedding of this year’s King and Queen-- Robbie Moore and Cristy Craig-- who decided to make the annual tradition their wedding day.

The day was filled with such fun, romance and spontaneity that another krewe member popped the question on the spot and asked his bike partner to marry him too.

In the tradition of the heavily Roman Catholic celebration, all Krewe members were given St. Stephen medals from SaintsforSinners.com. Stephen is the patron Saint of Masons which will help the bikers make it thru some of the city’s stone paved roads while pedaling and hurling Mardi Gras beads to revelers.

From New Orleans Magazine December 26, 2007:

Meanwhile, the pedal-powered Bike-us Krewe can thank the scarcity of parking spots along Mardi Gras parade routes for its conception. Founding [sic] member Rob Savoy says one year a group of his friends decided to ride bicycles to the Uptown parades in their costumes.

“So people see us in costumes rolling down the street and they assume we’re a parade and start cheering and yelling for beads, so we just embraced it,” says Savoy.

Each year, friends – and friends of friends – gather in Faubourg St. John early on Mardi Gras morning and cycle along a ceremonial path Uptown to catch Zulu before making their way to the French Quarter for the rest of the day. In 2003, one Bike-us participant designed a coat of arms and it was turned into a flag and stickers to decorate bicycles.

“I guess that’s what made us official, more or less,” says Savoy. “It came down to someone deciding they could go to Kinko’s and get something printed.” The decision to select annual Bike-us royalty followed suit, including a post-Katrina coronation held on the hood of a flood-ruined Lincoln in Mid-City, and the group’s numbers continue to grow.

“I think that’s one of the great parts of Mardi Gras, the myriad traditions people have for the day, whether it’s been going on for 150 years, 10 years or 10 minutes,” says Savoy. “You build tradition on top of tradition, and these little sidelines of Mardi Gras really make the day yours.”

From Best of New Orleans March 7, 2006:
Bikeus Maximus

Two heads may be better than one, but on Mardi Gras sometimes two wheels can be better than four. That was certainly the consensus of a group of bicyclists known as the Krewe of Bikeus, established in 2002 when its leaders formalized an efficient way to get around town on Fat Tuesday. This year, two dozen people pedaled over to Pal's Lounge in Faubourg St. John at 7 a.m. for a coronation ceremony as local bassist Robert Savoy and his wife Roquel were named king and queen. Riders were costumed, and so were many of their bicycles. En route to an Uptown house party for the Zulu parade, Bikeus rolled down St. Charles Avenue, tossing beads to early risers behind the barricades.