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Bike-us began in a hangover and became an event.

On Mardi Gras Day 2002 five friends who didn't want to deal with traffic, parking and swollen feet from walking took off from mid-city in costume and on bikes. At the next bar stop Susan and Russ were crowned Snow Queen and King Spyboy Bike-us the First. Everyone had such a hoot that fifteen friends asked to join in the next Mardi Gras. Rolling down St. Charles, back in the original uptown route, we were quite a sight with twenty folks in costume and on bikes. Folks began to cheer and we began to wave and call happy Mardi Gras and so it was happy. Someone in the crowd called out "Who are you?" Susan Cowsill called back, "We're Bike-us" and so we were and are, and the adventure continues.

A costume, a bike and the willingness to laugh all day are the simple requirements for rolling with Bike-us. Come with a smile and go with the flow.

You can contact us at kreweofbikeus@gmail.com.

2015Barbie Cowsill and Keesha MarmandeQueen Ivory Lion and Queen Ebony Zebra
2014Justin Butts and Arsene DeLayQueen Transplant and King Artimo of Thibodaux
2013Laurie and Jeff ClarkQueen Big Adventure and King Dope
2012Shoeless and Jan E BelleKing Klondike and Queen Eskimo Pie
2011Jeff & Rose PetersPun King and Recy-Queen
2010Chuck & Rea KeithKing Highlander & Queen Edelweiss
2009Robbie & Christy MooreKing Idol & Queen White Wedding
2008Reece & Katie AndersonKing Wrenchinmypocket & Queen Green Bean
2007Michele Campisi & Julie SlickQueen Medi-cine & Queener
2006Rob & Roquel SavoyKing Combover and Queen Bee
2005Rick Duplantier & Rob ClemenzKing Saint and King Sinner
2004Paul & Shelly SanchezKing Fugetaboutit and Queen For Da People
2003MC & Kim Gainey
2002Russ Broussard & Susan CowsillKing Spyboy & Snow Queen