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Reply To All!

January 6, 2016

Hail Bike-Us and Happy New Year to All!

This is your Snow Queen here with Greetings and word from the Royal Court!! It is with bitter sweet sadness that I carry news of the Finale Ride of our beloved Krewe Of Bike-Us!

It has come to the courts attention that the attendance on Mardi Gras day for the yearly ride has been, sadly, dwindling with each passing year save for the few die hards, this Snow Queen included! Our Last Queens (Queen Ebony Zebra & Queen Ivory Lion) inquired with a number of the remaining couples/members of Court to see if they would like to be the Reigning 2016 King and Queen Of Bike Us and they were Graciously turned down.

The Inevitable must be Addressed and I have taken it upon my self to call a final meeting, of sorts, with our former Kings and Queens, other wise known from this point on as The Elders, to discuss my proposal.

All Elders are in agreement (well almost all??), that rather than let our kingdom and Krewe simply disappear into the Enchanted Land from whence it came with out even a dignified banishment for cryin out loud, that we Honor The Krewe Of Bike-Us with a finale ride, for all the wonderful, joyous, Magical Mardi Gras days It brought to our Little Worlds, our Kingdom, Our Krewe and Our Hearts!

So Hear Ye Hear Ye to this Royal Decree!!!

The Elders of the Royal Krewe Of Bike Us request the presence of ALL who ever rode with the Wind through your hair, The Sun upon your face, The Rain at your backs, Your Hearts on Your Sleeve or in your Hands, to join us on The 9th day of February in the year of our Krewe 2016, as the clock strikes 8:30am, at the Royal Destination of Pals Bar, for the Finale Ride Of The Krewe Of Bike-Us!

May This Day Bless This Krewe and its Court For Ever More!

Don't Let It Be Forgot
That Once There Was A Krewe
For One Brief Shinning Moment
That Was Known As Bike-Us

With Love and Enduring Gratitude,
Hail Bike Us
Snow Queen

Royal Addendum
The Finale Ride will be from Our
Royal Bar, Pals, to Lafitte's
Blacksmith Shop! Where, upon
Arriving, we Will Toast the Beauty
Of this Mardi Gras Day and walk...
Or should I say... Pedal Bike-Us
Into Our Louisiana Sunrise!

Queen Ivory Lion and Queen Ebony Zebra, 2015

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